Yes Ma’am, Can I Have Some More?


Let's talk about role playing for a moment, shall we?

Lots of you like to do it, and so do I.  One of the most popular ones that I run into is the Teacher/student role play.  This is especially exciting with older men.  They always think that because they're the older party and I'm the younger one that they'll be the teacher while I will be the student.  But not so much.

See, I like to be the one who's in control, no matter what.  That means that, regardless of the age difference between the two of us, I'm going to be the teacher in this little role play of ours.  Besides, being schooled by a woman much younger than you?  That's got to be awkward.

Don't think, though, that just because I'm young that I don't know how to handle guys like you.  I'm going to teach you the things you need to know.  And if you get out of hand, I know exactly how to take that control back.  Even as a product of a younger generation, I still have a firm belief in the use of corporal punishment!

So if you're naughty, you can expect to be unceremoniously pulled over my lap and given a spanking.  I'll probably even pull your pants down first so that I can watch your bare ass as it reddens underneath my hand.  I feel certain that you'll learn your lesson quickly that way!

Of course, if you're the kind of guy who enjoys being spanked by phone, then it'll be completely different.  You'll need to be a good boy in order to EARN a spanking from me!

I absolutely adore red cheeks. I'll make sure your ass is as red as your face by the time I finish.

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