Why Do I Use Guys Like You? Because I Can And You Love It!


You are just another pathetic worm that begs for the attention of a money mistress, knowing that your efforts are futile. You will never give up or quit trying because you know that the only way for a pathetic loser like you to get any attention is through flashing a money and credit card filled wallet. I am sure lots of pretty girls have swooned over the size of your . . .wallet and laughed at the size of your dick, but frankly, I am unimpressed by either.

You are such a loser that you would have to pay me just to ignore you. You could sit in utter humiliation as you hear me having fun with friends, fucking a lover or even shopping with your credit cards all while I ignore you. You will never amount to any type of lover that would be good enough for me. You have to admit that you are nothing more than a mere money pig to be used.

You better hope that you don’t run out of money in the middle of a super hot cuckold humiliation call or else you will miss the big finish like the pathetic loser that you've always been, except this time you will be left with an empty wallet and pathetic blue balls. Make sure you have unlimited funds when you call in to be used by your Mistress since you never know exactly what situation you're walking into except that it will be VERY expensive.

Now let me hear you squeal like a good little piggy, give until it hurts....then give a little more.

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