Who Wouldn’t Pay To Worship My Peaks And Valleys


As many of you know, I live in the mountains of Colorado. Majestic mountains with valleys between, flawless and untainted by man's hand. People pay a lot of money each year in fees for the opportunity to hike, photograph and worship these beautiful places. Ravenous explorers paying for the privilege to delve into nature at it's most magnificent. That eager look they get in their eyes when they know they are about to embark on an adventure.

I see you there looking at me with that hungry look in your eyes. You are sexually starving for the opportunity to explore, to kiss and lick, or even to observe and let your eyes feast upon my perfect body as I pleasure myself before you. The problem is that you know that you will never be adequate enough to be allowed these simple pleasures, not for free. You are a pay piggie, which means that you are only useful for ONE thing to beautiful women such as myself.

You are forced to lust after the opportunity to worship my body, if even but for just a moment. If I gave you that chance, what would you pay? A better question is: What wouldn't you pay to worship my peaks and valleys? It's a privilege and should be treated as such. You would pay for each moment that you are allowed sexual excitement and there will be heavy fees involved. You will be taxed based on your own erection while you worship my body since you should be focused on my pleasure and excitement and not your own. As your cock grows harder and harder from worshipping my perfect Money Mistress body you will slip further and further into my world of true financial domination.

You would NOT be allowed to cum, not without paying a heavy cum tax to your money slavery princess. After all, you can't litter without being fined, at least not in MY state.You will feel the effects of your sexual desire drain your bank account empty as your desire to empty your balls grows. You will be unable to resist my desires as you are allowed to worship my body during our financial domination session because you will grow completely helpless to your own sexual needs. In the end your desire to concur my voluptuous terrain will win over your own monetary self-preservation because the view is sublime.

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