When I’m Good, I’m Great. When I’m Bad, I’m Better


A sexy submissive that I have been talking to for over a year just shared with me a secret that was too good to keep entirely to myself. I promised I wouldn't blatantly "out" him, however if you happen to guess who he is, well that's not really my fault is it? He does love to be dominated by me and while a promise is a promise....I'm really going to walk a very fine line here. Did I happen to mention that he also gets off on blackmail?

So we are chatting and he tells me that he has this secret. Earlier this year he did something crazy for the experience.

*Okay Captain Cryptic, you don't lay something like that at my feet and expect me to let it go. How well do you know your Princess?*

Well I basically stomped on him, figuratively of course (though he wouldn't have minded literally) until he spilled and this what I found out:

He was involved earlier this year in an......unusual situation. This sexy pet was cast on a reality tv show filmed in a beautifully warm tropical location. Should I tell you what the goal of said reality TV show was.....or would that be giving away too much? *so tempting*

Needless to say he didn't win on this TV show that's been around for a few seasons...and when i teased him about it, he wondered out loud if I could have done any better. Well HELLO, of course I could've done better. Seriously Sexy Pet???? When I walk into a situation I OWN it. Knowing my sexy pet likes his athletics and healthy competition, I spun it into a fantasy that left him weak and breathless, just like I like them.

The hostess of this particular show and all the other contestants would have known who was the boss chick from the beginning. Walking onto that sandy beach in knee high leather boots would have been a feat, so I laid the boys on their bellies forming a human walkway as my name is announced at the beginning. Everyone knows I'm here to own, but a little reinforcement couldn't hurt. The first bitch to make a comment...and you know there's going to be one...becomes my human stool for the rest of the game. I have no need to compete, I assign people to do that for me. And in the end, just because I can, I sit my ass on my tall dark and handsome pet's face while I eliminate the undeserving contestants one by one. (My contract says I have to keep a few *sigh*)

That's the condensed adaptation of this extremely naughty dark fantasy, if you want the unabridged version, you'll have to call me. What a wonderful opportunity to explore my darker side. Sometimes when I'm so bad, I'm so very good.

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