The Masturbation Evolution


Choking the chicken. Roughing up the suspect. Flogging the dolphin. Polishing your knob. Five knuckle shuffle. Beating your meat. Jerking off. MASTURBATION. We all do it, some much much more than others, it's completely natural and in no way shameful or disgusting. It is supposedly the most pure and intense form of pleasure we can give ourselves and I have even heard it is good for you.

I have a client named Brad that has made me see masturbation in a different light. We were talking the other night during a phone sex session and he was telling me that his masturbatory techniques have changed the older he gets. No longer is it the "Fast and the Furious" handhumping that it once was as a young man, he has perfected his technique and performs a symphony of "self love" these days. Okay I admit that was a little cheesy, but I can see how as you get older you appreciate the whole process and not just the out-cum. (I promise we will talk more in depth about my Masturbation Superstar AKA: Brad, in another entry)

Now I know that when you start the process of masturbation, there usually is a goal in mind. Most of us want the "Big O".....eventually. Think about it, I know not every exploration can be in depth, life happens and sometimes you just want that release and be done with it. But when is the last time you took some time and really appreciated the sensations during a masturbation session?

I asked my girlfriends about it this weekend over coffee, I found that many of them do take the time when they can, to really enjoy what they are doing. Many of us light candles, take a bath, maybe read some erotica....we tease and deny ourselves THROUGH articles of clothing we are wearing before removing them. We break out the toys, there is light stroking and teasing....possibly penetration. When we finally do climax it's intense and incredibly fulfilling and we don't feel the need to masturbate 3 hours later. (I'm looking at you) We all seem to agree that most men in general should practice restraint, instead of going for the gold immediately.

My question to you is could you do it? Could you run the marathon, instead of sprinting for the finish line? If you were my man I'd tease you and make you work for it. Make you enjoy every sensation, I'd savor every gasp and groan from your lips and in the end, the release is like no other.

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