Strip Club Desperation=Pay Pigs Galore


While at a local strip club with my girlfriends recently, I realized it was the perfect place to find helpless little money pigs!  They were littered all over the strip club, doling out money to every "Princess of the Seductive Flesh" willingly.

Then there was my group. Completely clothed and getting more attention than the strippers in the joint.  We decided to settle in next to one particularly lonely and desperate looking group of losers with money to burn.

They were more than happy to place an order for unlimited drinks for their new guests.  The group would have done anything to be able to spend an evening or a night with us, but little did they know that we would take our new piggies on a cock tease journey that they had never even imagined before. We flirted and giggled our way right into their grimy pockets, and the losers just begged for more and more of our time.  They secretly hoped to buy our attention, but they discovered that Bratty princesses like us aren't so easily bought!

It wasn't long before we had their complete devotion, ignoring the half naked dancers and agreeing to do anything it took just to see us one more time.  That was when I took the opportunity to book our very first group dinner "date" at the most expensive restaurant in town.  I am excited to see exactly how our money slave relationships play out with these clueless idiots.

Stay tuned for more on my groups' brand new money slaves and our journey through financial domination!

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