Sissy Feminization

Everything you want to emulate, you can find here. You weren't born a woman, you're just not that lucky. It's a shame because being feminine is so familiar to you and it just feels right. Maybe even natural. I think as a woman sometimes we take for granted all the feminine things we have access to. We can change who we are on a dime, reinvent ourselves and indulge in whatever fantasy we are feeling in the moment.

When you indulge in your fantasy, it like a switch is flipped inside of you. Thoughts that weren't okay when you were "John" are now perfectly acceptable now that you are "Jane". It's okay for you to want what you want and need what you need. When you try to suppress these urges, they only comes back tenfold. I'm telling you from experience that running from it will never work and you need to embrace it. Embrace the softer side of yourself, the pretty clothes, the sexy shoes and the desire to be something different than "just another guy".

I love knowing that when you call me you are wearing pretty panties, silky stockings or even more. You have your toys at hand and are ready to submerse yourself into the fantasy. I can turn you into a femme fatale or a hot little slut that just can't get enough. The sweet housewife that takes care of her man or a sissy maid that wobbles around the house in too-high heels because it amuses me. I can take you and transform you into something erotic and sensual or humiliating and ridiculous. Pick one type of woman or pick them all, isn't that the joy of being a girl?

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