Sensual Domination

Do you think all Domination must involve pain and abuse? I call that "Blue Collar Domination"....the nuts and bolts of BDSM. What I do is more of a "Tweed Jacket / Intellectual Domination".....sensual domination that involves manipulating your mind as well as your body.

Giving up control and submitting to me will be the sweetest defeat you have ever experienced; but don't think of it as a loss, because what you will gain will leave you satisfied beyond your wildest desires.

Imagine my voice dripping through your mind like honey, whispering words that make you ache with longing. Slowly, brick by brick a fantasy is explored, built upon and molded into what you need. I am listening to every sound you make, when your breath catches on a certain phrase or when you moan in response to me. It’s a dance of sorts, a power exchange that will leave you breathless and begging for release.

You will find yourself submitting to me in ways you never thought possible. I will have you doing things you never thought you would do, crossing boundaries you didn't even know you had and engaging in the most cerebral sexy domination fantasies you have only dared to dream about.

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