Princess Takes Over The Office


I had the hottest call tonight, I took just a regular guy and turned him into a sissy slut, all because I could and he wanted to make me happy. The fantasy started out as him hiring me as his assistant.....he said he loved the short skirts and sexy tops I wore. Well that was no problem for me because I had plans to have my own expenses account VERY soon so I could buy more clothes. From the moment I sat down across from Mr. J, I knew he was one of those guys that I could get to do anything for me.

Once hired, my first order of business was to cut overhead. Mr. J had all these old biddies working for him, and I knew they were jealous of a young Princess like me, so I suggested that we "thin out the heard" giving me a larger salary and the means to hire my BFF Bianca. He agreed that his previous staff was old and tired, so we got rid of their fat asses. Mr. J even offered to pitch in with the extra work....or was that all of the work? Anyhoo, I then convinced Mr. J that Bianca should be hired as my assistant and that he should give me a more prestigious title in the company. I leaned forward and gave Mr. J a peek at the goods as I said this...and of course he got all stupid and agreed with it. (rolls eyes) And before he knew it, all sorts of changes were going on around MY office. That silly old man had no idea what was cumming.

Open me an expense account, I need more clothes so I look good for our clients. (Yes, Princess)

I want your office, they see me first before they see you and it's important to make a good first impression. (Yes, Princess)

Raise the credit line on the company credit card, I have to pay for both me and Bianca now and we deserve the best, right? (Yes, Princess)

Our clients should have some sort of bonus when they sign a contract, get on your knees and....... (Yes, Princess)

God, I never get tired of hearing that, and I never get tired of taking your pathetic life and giving it a Princess twist. Damn it's good to be Royalty! *muah*

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