Pretty In Panties


I know some of you wonder if I ever do the things I talk about on the phone with you in my "real" life.  But wonder no more because the answer is, yes, I totally do!  Well, not everything, of course.  Like, real life shrinking fetish fantasies and stuff like that aren't really possible, you know.  But I definitely engage in some of the more feasible fetishes from time to time.

In fact, one of the reasons I like to talk to panty boys on the phone so much is that I have quite a bit of experience with them in real life, too, so it's very familiar territory for me.

I had a boyfriend once when I was younger who liked to be adventurous sexually.  I wouldn't say that he was really submissive or anything, but he liked to try things you wouldn't usually associate with "normal" masculine behavior.  One of those things was crossdressing.

Ok, crossdressing is probably too strong of a term for it.  What he really liked was wearing women's panties, so I guess he was more of a panty boy.  Don't worry, he didn't always wear my panties.  He had a collection of his own!

I used to tell him to wear a thong for me when we went out in public.  It was safely hidden under his pants, so no one but the two of us knew it was there.  Then, when we were walking together, I'd wrap an arm around his waist, reach down underneath the waistband of his pants, and give the top of his thong a tug, which gave him an epic wedgie.  It embarrassed the hell out of him every time!

So, yes, guys, I've definitely had some real life experiences when it comes to things we talk about on the phone. I've always wondered what it would be like to come home and find you in boxers on the couch. I would tease you...slowly removing the panties I'd been wearing all day. They are warm and wet from being so close to me....and they smell just like me. I imagine slipping off your boxer shorts and sliding those sexy panties right up your legs....

Want more? You know where to find me!

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