Paying The Price To Be Owned


It's nothing new for men to be lusting after a body such as mine. This is largely the reason for my developing into the ultimate cock tease. I love to tease men till they are begging to give me anything and everything that I want. Some men even delve deep into their pockets, bank accounts and even max out their credit cards in hopes of buying the affection of this Goddess of tease and denial. You will give me your money and your gifts NOT because I need them or even because I even care for them, but because you need me so badly.

You need to run your hands along my tight and seductive body and feel your lips pressed to my perfect curves in worship of your femdom Goddess. You will feel the need to tribute to your Goddess, giving your tithe to such a perfect Money Mistress. You will be a slave to my needs and desires, acting in ways that you never thought you would, just to see an evil smile part my plump lips.

When I walk into your place of business, you drop everything that you are doing just to get a glimpse of me: A deadly glimpse that will have you addicted to my money slavery for life. Money slavery with your femdom Goddess is something that you will never get with anyone else, and the feelings that are elicited by your sexy cock tease will have you begging to serve me in increasingly extreme ways.

Come kneel at my feet, naked and humble, so that you may submit yourself to my financial domination. For those who are really devoted, true money slavery awaits you.

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