Guest Post: May The Better Man Win

I always believed that being cuckolded by a bigger better man had to be the ultimate humiliation, but leave it to Princess Ashleigh to show me otherwise! I eagerly anticipated my time with Princess, but when I found she was lounging on her couch wearing nothing but her boots, I knew I was in trouble.

Assuming my place on my knees before her, my excitement built as I anticipated pleasuring her with my tongue.  She however, had other plans. To my surprise she quickly pulled out her new toy and said, “Silly boy this provides me all the pleasure I need, let me show you. Don’t fret, you can still lick… my boots that is!”

I gratefully licked her boots, listening to her sighs and moans. After several orgasms, I heard her moan “so much better than you, my pet…. don’t forget to lick the bottom of my boots!” As I cleaned her boots, I heard Princess experience another earth shattering orgasm and realized she was right, I could never provide her as much pleasure as her toy.

To my humiliation, I then knew that I had not been replaced by a better man, but by an inanimate electric toy!  As I looked up, Princess smirked, handed me her toy and said, “you may kiss my toy as a show of your respect!”.

As I kissed my replacement, Princess petted my head and exclaimed “don’t worry you will always be my cuckolded boot boy!”

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