Immediate Gratification Isn’t All That Gratifying


I know a lot of you are all about immediate gratification, up to and including SELF-gratification. I am here to tell you that if that's what you're focusing on, you're missing out. Your quickie jerk-off sessions end with a pop and a fizzle like a bottle rocket, but a guided masturbation session with me ends with a BOOM and an explosion like a firework that just goes on and on!

Curious yet? You should be. You may think that you know all about how to make your cock feel good, but that's because you've never let me take control of it. I know things about pleasing men's dicks that you've probably never even thought of!

Technique is certainly important, but the most important part of a guided masturbation session is the surrender. When you give your cock up to me, the decisions about what happens to it are no longer in your control. That sense of helplessness heightens all your senses and allows my instructions to create an even more intense experience for you. And that happens BEFORE all the orgasm edging that we'll be doing.

Oh, surely you didn't think I was going to give you permission to blow your load immediately, did you?  Did you miss the whole part at the beginning of this post about how immediate gratification really isn't all that gratifying?  There will be lots and lots of edging in your future and if your obedience to my commands pleases me, then I'll let you cum at the end.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  Possibly.

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