I Must Have Overdosed On Hot Phone Fun


We all know how much I like to tease you boys....and I'm talking about the verbal teasing this time, not the physical teasing. I mean it's really like shooting fish in a barrel! I'm kidding....sort of. Well I'm about to share something personal that is "tease worthy", but I want NO ONE to say an unkind word about it. Even in jest. WOW, how's that for a tease?

So here goes, you guys have "wet dreams". You have an erotic dream that leads to an orgasm during sleep. Well guess what? So do we. And by that I mean, so do I. In fact I was having an incredibly erotic dream a few nights ago, it was me and another girl. (Why do I visualize so many of your scooting forward in your chairs right now? Yes, I like girls too.)

Me and this beautiful brunette had been teasing each other in the dream, making out...touching. All of the sudden she was inside me. She didn't have the equipment before that moment, but it's a dream...I guess it doesn't have to always make sense. She's pounding me and like lightning, I am consumed by a very unexpected, very powerful "Big O." So much so...that the orgasm woke me from my dream. It took me a minute to gain full awareness, but as I came back down to earth I realized that the climax was real and not just part of the dream. I could feel my nether regions throbbing with the force of what had just happened.

Now anyone who has had this happen to them, will tell you the feeling is different than when you are awake. And to be quite honest, it's nowhere near as satisfying as the conscious kind. In fact...I would call it a "hollow" climax. (Ms. Jane called it a "snoregasm" LMAO) So I'm here to confess that yes, I have "wet dreams". I don't wake up in a puddle of my own goo (thank god), but the phenomenon is not limited to you boys only.

My take is this: It's not without pleasure, but I won't be trading them in the regular kind. Though for some of you, I know this would be more action than you've seen in a while.

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