I Had You “Pegged” From The Begining


One thing that almost everyone can agree on is the fact that men love sex.  I mean absolutely LOVE it. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's actually pretty nice, if you ask me.  (and we all know that my opinion is the most important one)

I'm not just making a random, if totally obvious, observation here.  The fact is that while lots of men like to fuck, they haven't tried that many things pertaining to sex and sexuality, which is something that I find strange. You'd think if they liked it so much that they'd want to explore all kinds of different ways to fuck, right?

I know I, for one, love to explore.  Your Mistress is not the kind of girl to find a couple of things she likes and stick with them.  I like to see just how many things there are out there that I enjoy enough to add to my repertoire, you know what I mean?

That's how I discovered strap-on sex, actually.  I wanted to try it once to see if I liked it...and, lo and behold, I did!  After I became a convert, I wanted to introduce everyone to it because it was so much fun.

So that's basically what I do.  I find men who love sex (which is pretty much all of them), and I introduce them to a new kind of sex of the strap-on variety. Sometimes, they're not sure about it at first, but I have yet to get anything but rave reviews after it's over!

It doesn't have to be scary, it's not like I'm going to approach you with the KONG of strap-ons, bend you over and shove it deep.... at least not at first. We take it nice and slow building up to that part. A finger to start with, then a butt plug, moving onwards and upwards (in size that is). The prostate is a very sensitive organ and most guys enjoy having it stimulated in various ways. The orgasm is explosive in more ways than one!

Are you interested in strap-on training?  Let me be your first (and second and third and fourth) experience!

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