Humiliated Sissy Scotty

Hello I have missed you guys. I know it's been THREE weeks since my last post, but you know the saying "When it rains, it pours".....I do, and it's so true. Broken water heaters, totaled jeeps and business problems...Oh MY! Thank god the majority of that shit storm has cleared and I can get back to doing what I do best....being ME. (thank you to everyone that supported me, I appreciate it)

I've got to say that being ME is pretty fucking awesome, and I'm constantly evolving in my kinky mindfuckery phone sex fun. Be careful give me an inch, I'm going to take a few miles and you never know where you are going to end up. Take my caller Scott for example.

Scott has been calling me since my first week on Niteflirt....and what started out as a pretty innocent sissy phone sex call has transformed into something more....courtesy of you're very own Princess Ashleigh. When Scott first called me, his fantasy centered around what it would be like to be my sissy house boy. Pretty straightforward.....and in the spirit of communication he revealed little things about himself along the way to continue the fantasy. But as I said, give me an inch....I'll take several miles. Continue reading to see Scotty's progressions:

THEN: Scotty stated his pathetic cock should be put in chastity and he should not be allowed to cum.
NOW: I have mentioned castration because without balls and testosterone the urge to stroke is minimal as is cumming. I'm keeping the little cock because it's a humiliating reminder that he is not a real girl.

THEN: Scotty talks in a girly voice, must shave and take extra steps to hide his masculinity (what little there is)
NOW: Princess has put Scotty on female hormones to crush all traces of masculinity that still exist.

THEN: Scotty had to pad his bras and use different cosmetics to enhance his girly appearance.
NOW: I have decided that breast implants, lip enhancement and permanent makeup are the way to go to keep my humiliated Sissy Scotty in line.

THEN: Scotty was willing to suck only my boyfriends cock as a sign of submission to me.
NOW: Sissy Scotty serves more people than McDonalds. I've turned him into a true sissy slut.

My lovely sissy has given me free reign because he knows that I know what's best for him, as should you. *Giggling* Sometimes Princess's evil twin takes over, makes a few tweaks and you get a little more than you bargained for. It's all in good fun....besides I'm all about "Be all you can be"......Princess style of course.

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