How Could I Use A Cuck Like You? Let Me Count The Ways.


One of the things I love best about my subbie boys is that all of you want me to be happy.  And not only do you want me to be happy, but you'll also do anything in your power to *make* me happy.  That's more or less the definition of being submissive, after all.  But it's still really sweet of you, nonetheless.

Naturally, most of you already know that your little cocks aren't going to be enough to satisfy me.  So when you generously offer to find a man for me--a man who will meet my high standards--it brings a big smile to my face!

Cuckolding usually arises out of necessity, but it's even more of a turn on when you completely measure up and I simply make you a cuck because I can.

Sure, all my subs are cuckolds by default in one way or another, cuckolded by another man or cuckolded by my desires over yours, but when you volunteer to do some of the heavy lifting yourself, I can't help but be pleased by your initiative.  Some of you have proven yourselves so good at choosing lovers for me that I'm happy to leave it all in your very capable hands.  Others still need a little more practice, but that's ok.  I'll let you have all the practice you could ever possibly need during our cuckold phone sex sessions.

Perhaps you can kneel at the door and listen to my lover illicit noises you never thought I could make. Maybe I'll let you watch the whole thing, tied to a chair of course....we wouldn't want you getting overly stimulated and cumming without permission.  Or maybe your darling Mistress will just come home one night, drag you to bed, and sit on your face. You may be a little confused by that at first, at least until you notice that I'm awfully wet. Creampie surprise, anyone?

So I want to know, what kind of cuckold are you? Are you brave enough, dedicated enough and honest enough to find out?

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