Him, Me And The Cuckold Makes Three


We both know that you're pretty pathetic, what with your tiny dick and all. It makes you not very useful to the women of the world, for one. No matter how much you might lust after us, the feeling is not mutual, at least not once we've figured out what you're sporting between your skinny little legs.

It's possible that you *can* serve a purpose, though. You can submit to the humiliation of being a cuckold bitch.

Ha! Don't act like you've never thought about it. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that your little cock is getting hard at the very mention of it. You've probably been fantasizing about it for years and are just grateful that a woman finally brought it up after all this time.

Being a cuckold is not just about getting what you want out of the deal, though, regardless of what your cuckold fantasies might have you believe. It's about me first and foremost. If you happen to enjoy it, then that's great, but it's damn sure not the point of the whole thing. The point is my pleasure...and since you can't provide for it, then you'll have to suffer the consequences!

The consequences are that you will have to deal with the knowledge that someone else is able to give me what you can't. If you're a lucky little voyeur, I'll let you watch with your hands tied behind your back, so you can't touch your raging hard-on. If not, you'll be banished to the kitchen with a chastity device, unable to see anything but perfectly able to imagine it all, since you'll still be able to hear my screams of pleasure!

That got a "rise" out of you, didn't it. Too bad no one can tell.

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