He’s My Barista Bitch


So there's the cutest guy that works in the coffee house in town. He's a little rich boy and so naive that getting what I want from him may not even be a challenge. His parents told him he had to get a summer job to learn the value of money and gain respect for the working class, even though he's got a trust fund big enough to support a small country.

I like to go in and deliberately order something I like but something that is complicated. I change the drink, adding or taking away ingredients, to make it a bit more complicated, making sure he is paying strict attention to me. I've tested this method with him a few times. Sure enough, he followed my instructions perfectly.

A few days ago I stopped in and there he was, my cute little barista. He had my favorite drink prepared before I made it to the cash register. (what a good boy) I smiled at him and thanked him. He even got a generous tip. (when he completely submits to me he'll want to reciprocate) He needs to know that I don't NEED his tokens of affection even if I deserve them. Why buy the shiny pretty items myself when having him generously give them to me is so much fun?

I sat down at a nearby table that left me in clear view of my barista and allowed me to learn everything I needed to know about him. As I listened to his exchanges with the customers, I began to daydream about all the ways I could use him. I have had this beautiful set of lingerie from the local adult boutique on my wish list for months. I think that will be the first thing I'll have him buy for me. I also had this amazingly beautiful necklace on my wish list. Why should I pay for it? He will be happy to buy it for me after an expensive dinner out with a little bit of cock teasing.

I spent the next hour just sitting and smiling at him. Every wink of the eye was another gift he would purchase me. Every move of my legs or lick of my lips was another dinner he would take me to and another cash prize for me at the end.

I left the coffee shop with a free refill of my favorite drink and dreams of all the things that I could mark off my wishlist. Not to mention all the things I could add to it!

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