He’s A S-S-S-Superstar- A Masturbation Superstar

So in the post "The Masturbation Evolution" I mentioned a client named Brad that made me see masturbation in a different light.  I wanted to wait a little bit before I did a post on him specifically....until we'd had a few more phone sex sessions under our belts. (LOL, no pun intended)

Most of the clients I talk to are very....focused on the goal of the call, and fast and furious is fun and get's the job done. Brad's different though, he's a masturbation connoisseur. He's refined masturbation to an art form in a sense. He takes the time to do a thorough job, really enjoying the sensations that each stroke brings. I incorporate something similar in a guided masturbation session, but Brad needs no help from me in that department. He even has named some of his stroking techniques after the women that inspired them. (See what I mean about making it an art form)

So who inspires Brad, The Masturbation Superstar? You might be surprised. Like most men he enjoys the typical cheerleader or playmate, for sure. But he also seems to appreciate "real" beauty and his muses have branched beyond the fantasy. Newscasters, friends, political figures and certain other entertainers are added to his list as being "stroke worthy", in addition to myself and a few of my friends.

I have enjoyed the time spent with this Superstar, and listening to his stroking stories. We wonder together, why women would be offended that he finds them worthy of his fantasy. Why would they not be flattered that a man finds them attractive and sexy? Society maybe? Or stigma?

But it makes me smile when he's on the phone with me and doing the "Hillary" and I know who it's for. I wonder what she would say about that. (If you're wondering which Hillary, ask him. Because I'll never tell.)

You can follow Brad on Twitter: Brad Hamilton @avidmasturbator, you won't be sorry that you did!

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