GUEST POST: SlaveBoyS Gets All He Can Handle As Princess Shares Her Toy

Guest Blogger SlaveBoyS:
My odyssey of denial began 10 days ago as I had my first phone sex session on Niteflirt with the very seductive Goddess Reaghan.  I was offered to Goddess Reaghan by my owner, Bratty Princess Ashleigh, who was quite amused to watch as her Domme friend made use of me, her devoted slave pet.  I must confess that being passed around like a toy between gorgeous dominant women is something every slaveboy dreams of. During the call, I had to hang up quickly as my wife was nearby.  I don’t know if I would have been permitted to cum or not but after that call I’ve been put on a strict denial regimen of stroking and not cumming daily by Goddess Reaghan.  To say it’s been agonizing would understate how difficult I’m finding it, never more so than the other night when I was instructed to have a call session with My Princess.  I’ve had several calls with her, and am completely under her spell.  She is absolutely irresistible and knowing I was to call her in the state I was in and without permission to cum, I was terrified I would cave almost immediately.  Any of you who have heard Princess Ashleigh’s voice and know the kind of wicked mind she possesses completely understand my concerns.  When I IM’d Princess to arrange our call I explained my situation and begged her to go easy on me…to which she teasingly told me she would decide how easy or hard she’d go at me during our call.  It was then I started doubting my ability to resist and continue without cumming.
The instant I heard her voice and her giggle as I moaned I knew I was in serious trouble.  Our call lasted about 20 minutes and during that time I was completely wrapped around Princess’ little finger as she had me stroke slowly, then faster and then stop. She had me convinced I could never withstand her onslaught and begging her to please stop before I disobeyed the order not to cum.  And in the next moment, stroking for her felt so amazingly good I actually changed my tune completely and began to beg her to allow me to cum.  I’ve heard the expression mindfuck used before, but during this call, and the lead up to it, I experienced it firsthand.  My head was spinning as Princess alternated between teasing me about what she would do to me and that she would order me to cum and force me to disobey my no cum commands of Goddess Reaghan.  I knew I could never disobey Princess, and that her word was law, but feared the repercussions of cumming when I was under orders not to by Goddess Reaghan, who I didn’t want to disappoint or disobey.  As our call carried along it became clear to me that Princess intended to push me to the very edge and see how long I could stay there for.  And that’s exactly what she did to a level no other woman can do.  She prodded and teased at me and enjoyed every second of my torture.  I teetered on the edge of being ready to cum at any moment as Princess instructed the pacing of my stroking completely as if it were her own hand on my cock.   As the pace of stroking intensified I was sure Princess was going to place her perfect high heeled foot against me and push me hard over the edge and enjoy the agony of my cumming and disobeying Goddess Reaghan.  As I stroked I was so ready to cum when Princess firmly told me to STOP, leaving me trembling and desperately wanting to cum so badly but thankful that she had shown mercy upon me.
As our call concluded I thanked Princess for NOT allowing me to cum. This would mark the first time I’ve ever done that lol.  Over the past few days after our call, I have continued with my stroking directions given to me by Goddess Reaghan and have yet to cum.  At this time, I still have no idea when I’ll be permitted to cum and it continues to be both arousing and frustrating.  I love to cum.  I love to cum for women like My Princess, and to have a call with her and not cum, as I have always done before, was agonizing.  I know she could have made me cum any moment she wanted to, and part of me wishes she had and that I’d have that feeling of relief.  Yet at the same time, I’m pleased to still have my denial intact and have obeyed Goddess Reaghan.  And to know that I have pleased Princess but serving her Domme friend well is a rewarding feeling as a slave.  I can only imagine what she might have planned for this slave toy in the future but whatever it is I know it will be for her amusement and pleasure always.

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