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You have always liked the idea of chastity, but you would like to take it further. Most guys shake at the idea of being locked up. You wonder what days, weeks...even months would do to your psyche. How submissive would you become? What about spanking you until tears run freely down your face and pre-cum dribbles like a leaky faucet between you legs? Or a beautiful woman that is more than what she seems and holds a "surprise" for you when her panties come off? A female wrestler to take you down in the ring? A nemesis to your Superhero persona, using my sexuality to weaken you and take over the planet?

Maybe you have the desire to meet someone from another planet or time? Alien, FemBot, Vampire or something else? I'm different from anyone you have ever met. You are enthralled by me but your heart leaps in your chest with fear. What would you do if I shrank you? Made you 2 inches tall? Imagine all the ways I could use you and make you worship your Giantess, or devour you in one gulp.

These are the fantasies that turn you on almost as much as they sometimes embarrass you. Why go through the same boring stroke routine, when you can be someone else for a short while? How boring life (and sex) would be without a wonderful imagination. The joy of fantasy is that we can be anything we want and explore things that others might find strange or unconventional, experience things you may never get to experience in this lifetime.

I have extensive knowledge of many different fetishes that are out there, but by no means do I know them all. I have been introduced to so many things that I had never experienced before but had a blast talking about and playing with. I love learning about what arouses you and why, so be prepared to answer my questions and teach me about your kink. Let's escape from the restraints of "normal" and go to a whole other dimension or a whole other world.

If you are uncomfortable explaining the details of your fetish to me on the phone, feel free to send me an email telling me a little about your fantasy.

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