Down But NEVER Out

It's Sunday afternoon and as someone said on Twitter earlier, "I have so much snow on my house, looks like Mr. Freeze blew his load on it." I have a fire going and it would have been a perfect winter day.... if I wasn't sick. Even Ms. Jane's saucy "Sunday paper" could barely cheer me up and usually that entertains me more than watching a colorblind sissy pick out lipstick. I have been sick most of the week, and while I am feeling less than miserable today, I am still far from "Princess Perfection".....or so I thought.

You can imagine my frustration when a regular of mine asked for an appointment via Yahoo messenger this afternoon and I had to turn him down. It would have made me sad, but you boys know how much I love tease and denial. We agreed to wait on the phone sex session for a few days and continued our small talk. My client let it slip that he was at the mall shopping....and just like that, my day got better!

Let me explain: This client has a weakness for "barely legal" cuties in short shorts....particularly WHITE shorts. He lives in a place that is warm year round, so there is never a shortage of these nubile creatures teasing him. To top it off, this mall is a buffet of glossed lips, high heels, tanned flesh and temptation.

Did he really think I would just ignore his situation and let it go? FUCK THAT! A naughty text session was just the thing to make me feel better and him feel worse. After he sent an Amazon gift card for my attention, I used his weakness against him in every way possible. He kept having to find places to sit down so he could hide his "condition". I played him like a violin, until he was begging me to escape into the bathroom and relieve his throbbing hard-on. You can guess what the answer to THAT request was. *Giggles* Was that mean? I just wanted to guarantee that he will be more than ready for our call in a few days.

Poor little boy blue(balls)....... you should know that I would never miss an opportunity to play on your kinks for my amusement. Remember..... I may be down, but I am NEVER out....and you are never safe from this Princess.

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