Cuckold Humiliation

It's the deepest and darkest desire that you don't tell anyone about. It's almost too scary to admit it to yourself, but it's there...curiosity...tickling the far reaches of your most taboo cuckold bi fantasies. Maybe you've thought about it, being cuckolded and made to do things you only fantasize never knew it could turn you on this much.

It will not be forced per se, but more guided, manipulated and coerced. It's not me pushing your head onto him, it's me holding him while I guide your mouth down towards him. Telling you that this makes me incredibly aroused. I love the way you look doing it, the sounds he makes as you devour him with your mouth. You should feel how wet I am watching you. I know you like sucking my fingers after they've been inside me, maybe even my toy after I have played, but this is different. More real, more exciting....more intense. You do it because I have made it safe for you. You do it because you know that you could never please me like he could. You do it because you need this and you want to make me happy.

What kind of cuckold are you? Some guys want to hear about the sex with the stud, but don't want to see it. There are cucks that want to watch and be sensually humiliated but don't want to participate. Then there are the guys that want to be forced to suck cock, perform clean-up and indulge in cream pies as often as they can. Can I make you do something you aren't sure about, all to make me happy?

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