Communication vs. Topping From The Bottom

I know you guys LOVE when I blog about sexy fun things, but every once in awhile an educational post is needed. If it helps, picture me in a black pin stripe pencil skirt, low cut white blouse, hair pulled back in tight ponytail and wearing sheer black stockings with patent leather pumps. Assuming my best "Teacher In Charge" stance I point to the chalkboard which reads "Communication vs. Topping From The Bottom." I got your attention didn't I class? Now FOCUS. *wink*

Open communication is key to a good domination phone sex session with me. Nothing makes me grit my teeth in agony more than a caller that doesn't know what he wants. Now I understand that I am supposed to do most of the work, and that's not the problem I have. If you want me to spin an out of this world fantasy, you must throw me something to work with. I really try to ask open ended questions and to take your cues as to your likes and dislikes. I always take what is given to me and run with it.... but when I ask you "What do you like" it's for a purpose, not because I am without my own creativity. Nothing kills a fantasy faster than crossing into an area you are absolutely turned off by. (Forced Bi, BBC, Feminization, etc.

Making suggestions along the way is an excellent and completely acceptable way to keep the fantasy going. Topping from the bottom is very different. This is when you interrupt the fantasy with your own input every 2 seconds. Or when you tell me exactly what you want to hear me say and leave no room for interpretation. You leave no wiggle room to let me take the reigns...and to be honest you are missing out on a good time when you do this. I understand that you have in your mind how you want your fantasy to go, but if it's carved in stone, it leaves no room for someone else to bring there input in and really spice up the fantasy.

Do you remember that game where you started to tell a story, then the next person added their own bit and passed it to the next who did the same and you never knew what was going to happen next? How exciting was that, to watch it unfold? It's the same concept here. I promise you won't regret leaving me in control of you phone sex fantasy. Besides "bottoms up" is only good for drinking and strap-on play.

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