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West Hollywood Jeff

  This is Jeff.  Jeff is single.  Jeff is a loser. Jeff is a single loser. See Jeff's chest?  Read Jeff's chest. Let's all laugh at Jeff. Pathetic isn't it?  Don't be a "Jeff". I mean...really? Okay so Jeff calls me last night to tell me what a d-bag he was. When the first words…
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Princess Takes Over The Office

  I had the hottest call tonight, I took just a regular guy and turned him into a sissy slut, all because I could and he wanted to make me happy. The fantasy started out as him hiring me as his assistant.....he said he loved the short skirts and sexy tops I wore. Well that…
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Do What You Love & Love What You Do

  You may be wondering why you should choose me to handle your phone sex needs. Well, first off.....experience. I have been dominant in my day to day life from the get-go. The trait is very prominent for me, this is not an "act" and you will be able to see that it is a…
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