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Do You Really Believe That You’re A Real Man?

  I know that you're already aware that you have a small cock. You've watched the porns, seen the guys and analyzed all your short comings. You've researched penis size, broke out the ruler and seen for yourself where you are in the "thick" of things. You may try not to look at it or…
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Him, Me And The Cuckold Makes Three

  We both know that you're pretty pathetic, what with your tiny dick and all. It makes you not very useful to the women of the world, for one. No matter how much you might lust after us, the feeling is not mutual, at least not once we've figured out what you're sporting between your…
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Why Do I Use Guys Like You? Because I Can And You Love It!

  You are just another pathetic worm that begs for the attention of a money mistress, knowing that your efforts are futile. You will never give up or quit trying because you know that the only way for a pathetic loser like you to get any attention is through flashing a money and credit card…
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