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I Must Have Overdosed On Hot Phone Fun

  We all know how much I like to tease you boys....and I'm talking about the verbal teasing this time, not the physical teasing. I mean it's really like shooting fish in a barrel! I'm kidding....sort of. Well I'm about to share something personal that is "tease worthy", but I want NO ONE to say…
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When I’m Good, I’m Great. When I’m Bad, I’m Better

  A sexy submissive that I have been talking to for over a year just shared with me a secret that was too good to keep entirely to myself. I promised I wouldn't blatantly "out" him, however if you happen to guess who he is, well that's not really my fault is it? He does…
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Down But NEVER Out

It's Sunday afternoon and as someone said on Twitter earlier, "I have so much snow on my house, looks like Mr. Freeze blew his load on it." I have a fire going and it would have been a perfect winter day.... if I wasn't sick. Even Ms. Jane's saucy "Sunday paper" could barely cheer me…
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