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Paying The Price To Be Owned

  It's nothing new for men to be lusting after a body such as mine. This is largely the reason for my developing into the ultimate cock tease. I love to tease men till they are begging to give me anything and everything that I want. Some men even delve deep into their pockets, bank…
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Why Do I Use Guys Like You? Because I Can And You Love It!

  You are just another pathetic worm that begs for the attention of a money mistress, knowing that your efforts are futile. You will never give up or quit trying because you know that the only way for a pathetic loser like you to get any attention is through flashing a money and credit card…
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Strip Club Desperation=Pay Pigs Galore

  While at a local strip club with my girlfriends recently, I realized it was the perfect place to find helpless little money pigs! ¬†They were littered all over the strip club, doling out money to every "Princess of the Seductive Flesh" willingly. Then there was my group. Completely clothed and getting more attention than…
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