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He’s My Barista Bitch

  So there's the cutest guy that works in the coffee house in town. He's a little rich boy and so naive that getting what I want from him may not even be a challenge. His parents told him he had to get a summer job to learn the value of money and gain respect…
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Always Expect The Unexpected

  I sent one of my favorite pets a wonderful gift today. You see he hasn't been the best of pets lately. He normally is devoted and wonderful but he did something naughty that I had to punish him for. His favorite thing in the whole world is orgasm denial. If he is very good…
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Do What You Love & Love What You Do

  You may be wondering why you should choose me to handle your phone sex needs. Well, first off.....experience. I have been dominant in my day to day life from the get-go. The trait is very prominent for me, this is not an "act" and you will be able to see that it is a…
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