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Agono-What?? Exploring An Erotic Boxing Fetish

For those of you that are easily offended or would never be interested in the sexual interpretation of boxing, I ask that you read a different blog entry. You have been warned. She enters the boxing ring wearing nothing but a pair of black gloves with red flames stitched into the leather and white lace-up…
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Guest Post: May The Better Man Win

I always believed that being cuckolded by a bigger better man had to be the ultimate humiliation, but leave it to Princess Ashleigh to show me otherwise! I eagerly anticipated my time with Princess, but when I found she was lounging on her couch wearing nothing but her boots, I knew I was in trouble.…
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No Pain, No Gain: Exploring CBT

Some of my fellow Mistresses are really into "pain" and the dynamic it plays in their interaction with their submissives. I haven't explored it as much as they have, but I must say the few conversations we've had about it, have been fascinating. I understand the theory that a certain amount of pain can be…
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