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Strip Club Desperation=Pay Pigs Galore

  While at a local strip club with my girlfriends recently, I realized it was the perfect place to find helpless little money pigs! ¬†They were littered all over the strip club, doling out money to every "Princess of the Seductive Flesh" willingly. Then there was my group. Completely clothed and getting more attention than…
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Always Expect The Unexpected

  I sent one of my favorite pets a wonderful gift today. You see he hasn't been the best of pets lately. He normally is devoted and wonderful but he did something naughty that I had to punish him for. His favorite thing in the whole world is orgasm denial. If he is very good…
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Princess Takes Over The Office

  I had the hottest call tonight, I took just a regular guy and turned him into a sissy slut, all because I could and he wanted to make me happy. The fantasy started out as him hiring me as his assistant.....he said he loved the short skirts and sexy tops I wore. Well that…
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