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Yes Ma’am, Can I Have Some More?

  Let's talk about role playing for a moment, shall we? Lots of you like to do it, and so do I.  One of the most popular ones that I run into is the Teacher/student role play.  This is especially exciting with older men.  They always think that because they're the older party and I'm…
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“Out Of This World” Phone Sex and Other Unusual Fantasies

I'm always encouraging my clients to let their "freak" flag this case I want you to let your "Freak or Geek" flag fly (because mine is out and waving in the wind). I know some of you have unusual fantasies and/or fetishes that you'd like to explore. I highly encourage you to contact me…
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A Simple Man Is No Match For This Cocktease

  Lucky you. I bet you never thought you'd have a girl like me in your house, much less sitting on your lap on the couch. I can feel your cock stirring under my curvy, perfect ass. You must be wondering what to do next. Don't worry. You don't have to do a thing. Just…
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