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How Could I Use A Cuck Like You? Let Me Count The Ways.

  One of the things I love best about my subbie boys is that all of you want me to be happy.  And not only do you want me to be happy, but you'll also do anything in your power to *make* me happy.  That's more or less the definition of being submissive, after all.…
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Him, Me And The Cuckold Makes Three

  We both know that you're pretty pathetic, what with your tiny dick and all. It makes you not very useful to the women of the world, for one. No matter how much you might lust after us, the feeling is not mutual, at least not once we've figured out what you're sporting between your…
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Guest Post: May The Better Man Win

I always believed that being cuckolded by a bigger better man had to be the ultimate humiliation, but leave it to Princess Ashleigh to show me otherwise! I eagerly anticipated my time with Princess, but when I found she was lounging on her couch wearing nothing but her boots, I knew I was in trouble.…
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