Butch Biker Boy Double-Take Was That A Flash Of Pink???


I'm an observant person, it's one of the things that makes me a good phone Mistress. I'm always on the lookout for the little things that give me an inside track on what makes you tick. It's bled into my day to day life which is not at all a bad thing....in fact it can be a real eye opener sometimes.

So if you can picture this, I'm in Denver today running my weekly errands. It's around 4 in the afternoon and traffic is just starting to pick up with people making their way home after work. I'm stopped at a red light behind so many cars I lost track counting midway through. It's a beautiful day, windows rolled down, music pumped up listening to Katy Perry talk about how she kissed a girl and liked it (WELL DUH). On my left I notice this guy riding a very big, VERY LOUD motorcycle of some kind. He's dressed in head to toe black in a whole lot of shiny spandex and black leather, aviator sunglasses on and the entire 2 foot braided hair hanging down his back.

Katy was still singing on the radio, and when I looked over I could have sworn his lips were moving in sync with the words. I stared a little bit harder and I swear to god he was singing "I kissed a girl", OMG, I almost couldn't contain the giggle that was on my lips. He looked my way, and while I was tempted to look away as quickly as I could, I maintained eye contact and gave him a hesitant smile. There was a twitch at his lips that might have been a smile and a nod of his head. Had he known I had been watching him? Probably not...the cars in front of us started to creep forward and he bent down to make some kind of adjustment on his monster bike. And lo and behold, I know I saw a flash of pink lace.

I kid you not, and me being who I am and doing what I do had to wonder; did his Mistress make him wear the pink panties or was he a panty perv all on his own?

Anyways this little revelation had me smiling the entire way home. So I want all my pantyboys and sissies to wear pink panties to the gym this week. Be sure to do lots of bent-over things in the weight room. You never know who might be watching

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