Birthday Worship Fit For a Princess

She knew exactly the gift that would please Her most and there he was, naked and kneeling before Her.  Sitting down She crosses Her long legs leaving Her shoe dangle provocatively in front of his face.  Eyes down, he awaits Her command.  With a snap of Her fingers he gently takes Her foot in hand and brings it to his lips.  Softly kissing the bottom of her shoe and then slowly sucking the stiletto heel into his mouth.  He is deliberate and slow in his worship.  He knows She likes him to take his time and savor every inch of Her perfect body.  When She is ready he wordlessly knows to remove Her shoe and kiss along the arch of Her beautiful foot.  Softly kissing his way along the toes and taking each into his mouth passionately.

He is completely absorbed and immersed in his servitude of his Princess.  His total adoration and devotion is obvious in his eyes as he looks to Her for approval and with a nod She allows him to proceed, tenderly kissing his way up Her perfect calves and over Her knee to Her smooth and firm thighs.  Her legs are long and absolutely amazing.  They capture attention anywhere She goes.  And as he worships them he is now gazing upon what he desires so badly he trembles.  But he also knows it’s Her birthday, not his, and this is all for Her.  Slowly she stands and looking down at him exactly where he belongs, She deliberately turns and presents Her luscious ass to him and with a point of her well-manicured fingernail She shows him where to kiss.  And as he hungrily begins to kiss what has made him so weak and pliable to Her demands, She smiles knowing She can have him any time She wishes.

He belongs to Her and Ownership and total servitude and devotion are the finest gifts a Princess can receive.

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