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Agono-What?? Exploring An Erotic Boxing Fetish

For those of you that are easily offended or would never be interested in the sexual interpretation of boxing, I ask that you read a different blog entry. You have been warned. She enters the boxing ring wearing nothing but a pair of black gloves with red flames stitched into the leather and white lace-up…
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Immediate Gratification Isn’t All That Gratifying

  I know a lot of you are all about immediate gratification, up to and including SELF-gratification. I am here to tell you that if that's what you're focusing on, you're missing out. Your quickie jerk-off sessions end with a pop and a fizzle like a bottle rocket, but a guided masturbation session with me…
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Do You Really Believe That You’re A Real Man?

  I know that you're already aware that you have a small cock. You've watched the porns, seen the guys and analyzed all your short comings. You've researched penis size, broke out the ruler and seen for yourself where you are in the "thick" of things. You may try not to look at it or…
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