Always Expect The Unexpected


I sent one of my favorite pets a wonderful gift today. You see he hasn't been the best of pets lately. He normally is devoted and wonderful but he did something naughty that I had to punish him for. His favorite thing in the whole world is orgasm denial. If he is very good then I will tease him slightly with a leather paddle spanking. It drives him wild while still making him hold back the orgasm until I give him the approval to relieve himself.

During our last session he wanted to be spanked. He mentioned it continuously throughout the session to the point I became irritated. As my other devoted pets know, irritating me is never a good idea. In fact, I know one of you reading this right now remembers the severe punishment you received for failing to show restraint during a tease and denial session. Don't you? In any case, I kept denying his requests. He is to serve me not the other way around.

Over the course of the phone sex session I asked him if he wanted to receive a special gift from me. He was excited to say the least. I picked out the prettiest real leather paddle I could find. I wrapped it carefully in paper scented with my perfume and a pair of leather and silk thongs. I sent it to him with a note that these items will be used during our next session.

Little does he know that I have the perfect session planned. His web cam will be turned on for the session. He will place the paddle just a few feet from him on a table. He will then put on his new leather thong and perform various masturbation techniques for his Mistress. I will deny him orgasm repeatedly until he can not stand it anymore. Just when he thinks he will be spanked he will be made to stare at his paddle as I make the spanking sounds for him.

He can hear it, be teased by it, smell the leather and even see the paddle he wants to use so badly. He can experience all of that except the actual feeling. Denial of orgasm combined with an acute denial of his favorite experience. He should have known to expect the unexpected from his Mistress....always.

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