Agono-What?? Exploring An Erotic Boxing Fetish

For those of you that are easily offended or would never be interested in the sexual interpretation of boxing, I ask that you read a different blog entry. You have been warned.

She enters the boxing ring wearing nothing but a pair of black gloves with red flames stitched into the leather and white lace-up boxing boots. Breasts heaving as the excitement of what’s to come steals her breath away. Her opponent meets her in the center of the ring, smacking his own gloves together in an act of defiance. His lean naked body oiled and glistening under the bright lights of the arena, his erection stands proud as the fighters square off…

Agonophilia: Sexual arousal from boxing paraphernalia and the participation in fighting, either in fantasy or an actual boxing match.

Okay, the definition above is an extremely simplified explanation of a multi-dimensional fetish. There are so many layers to this fetish and different aspects of it arouse people in different ways.

There is something very primal about a face-off between two people each trying to get the upper hand. Boxing is a very physical and dare I say intimate sport. Direct contact between two bodies, from the punches that are traded to the “boxers clench” to protect oneself and pause the fight. Two men or two women boxing can have a homoerotic feel to it, while a man facing a woman in the ring can be an act of forced submission as the end result.

From the people I have spoken to, it’s not been about the violence per se, but about the win. Depending on the fantasy, Winner gains the right to his/her sexual release of choice…the prize for being the better fighter. The loser must submit to the Champions demands adding to the humiliation of defeat.

It’s a power exchange and the raw energy, the contact of skin on skin and the sweat that drips down the body in a slow caress all adds to the sensuality of this sport when viewed from a different perspective. It is sexy in my opinion and worth trying in a roleplay fantasy.

I’m not suggesting you challenge your neighbor, your crush or your significant other to a boxing match…but how about calling someone that has as much fun with this fetish as you do and would gladly give you something to fight for.

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