About Me

My name is Ashleigh, you may call me by name or by Mistress/Princess. I am a natural Dominant, strong willed, sassy and sexy. I've been doing phone sex and exploring my need to dominate since college. A lot of callers ask me what my favorite fetishes are, that's like asking what kind of chocolate I like! That being said I do have a handful of kinks that I excel at: Sissification, Strap-on, Tease and Denial, Cuckolding and Roleplay.

So you may be wondering how you can serve me. The answer is actually much simpler than you might think. Be creative, respectful and treat me well. Entertain me and make me laugh. Let me know I'm appreciated by sending the occasional gift or tribute. I'm really not hard to please...most of the time. Read on for some interesting tidbits about me.

  • I rode horses competitively for years. Hunter/Jumper class, English riding (NOT Western). It's one reason I love riding crops and the smell of leather.
  • My very first "fetish" relationship was in college. I cuckolded my boyfriend (though I didn't know it was a fetish or what it was called until later).
  • My preferred cock size is 7 to 8-ish inches. The biggest cock I've ever had was 10 3/4 inches. I have never seen an uncircumcised cock in the flesh.
  • Cock size does matter, but not the way you think. Most girls will take an average thick cock over a long skinny pencil dick any day, myself included.
  • My favorite sex toy is my Hitachi Wand given to me by a client. While using it I can orgasm multiple times during a session. (Top score: 13 in 30 mins)
  • No, you can NEVER see me naked. Not even if you offer to pay the¬†piper¬†Princess. Trust me, you don't have enough money to buy that privilege.