A Simple Man Is No Match For This Cocktease


Lucky you. I bet you never thought you'd have a girl like me in your house, much less sitting on your lap on the couch. I can feel your cock stirring under my curvy, perfect ass. You must be wondering what to do next.

Don't worry. You don't have to do a thing. Just stay right where you are and let this cock teasing expert handle it all.

You feel me run my fingers through your hair, then my soft, hot breath against your ear as I purr sensual things into it. Your eyes close.  You are helpless.

I let my long, perfectly manicured nails scrape gently down the back of your neck. The shudder that goes through your body is amusing.  You're putty in my hands now. That's what I was counting on.

You've never had a real prick tease before, have you? I can tell. All men eventually surrender to my teasing tactics, but you've given way without the slightest resistance. It's cute, actually.

I lean in to give you a long, deep kiss that leaves you breathless and aching for more. Your cock is more than just hard now. I can feel it throbbing underneath me, and I squirm around a little in your lap for good measure. A groan you can't quite suppress escapes your lips, but is cut off by another kiss from me.

Abruptly, I stand up. You look confused and unsure of where this bit of tease and denial came from. I only smile at you, my eyes sparkling, and hold out my hand to you.

"Where's your bedroom?"

Many of you are wondering why he made it that far when so many of you don't. I'll ask his 8+ inches for you if you like.

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