A Good Sub Is Hard To Find, Let Them Know They’re Appreciated


Do you ever wonder if your Mistress appreciates you? Hopefully she does and has taken opportunities to show you that your relationship is NOT one-sided. I had one of those opportunities this weekend, and I didn't hesitate for a second.

I have this very special pet, we'll call him "J". He lives overseas so the time difference sometimes makes it hard to connect as often as we would like, but we do our best with what we have. "J" is very VERY good to me. He is consistently buying me things from my wishlist, paying the "invoices" that are sent to him for pedicures and nights out with the girls and never asking anything in return. He is truly here for my happiness and nothing else. He finds great joy in serving me and I am careful not to take advantage.

This weekend as I was finishing an EIGHT hour call with one of my boys, "J" emailed to say hello. It was about 3 am my time and I was looking forward to going to bed once this marathon call was finished. I asked "J" about his day and he started telling me about the drama that ensued that afternoon between his housemates and himself. It didn't take long for me to see how distraught he was and although he assured me he was fine, I knew he needed me. Despite being exhausted, I wanted to do something for him that would help make his night a little better.

I ended my marathon call and threw out my idea. I would open a bottle of wine at my house, "J" was to fix a drink at his house. We would have a drink or two, share some YouTube videos and just relax. He was "keen" on the idea, as he would say, and we proceeded to do just that.

I let him know that I would have to leave him around 6 am but for the next few hours I was his. We and drank and talked, watched music videos together and laughed. And as the minutes rolled by, I could tell that he was starting to feel much better. When it was time for me to go to sleep, "J" wished me a wonderful night, told me to rest well and let me know that he would be finishing his night up with a few episodes of the sitcom he'd been catching up on and then was off to sleep himself.

I bid him goodnight and went downstairs to bed. I woke after a few hours of sleep with a TERRIBLE hang over (three glasses of red wine and an empty stomach DO NOT mix) but feeling really good about the night before. "J" apologized profusely for the yuckiness that next day but there was absolutely no need for it.  I loved the time we had spent together and I wouldn't change a minute of it.

I appreciate everything he does for me and this was my opportunity to give something back. And he knows for sure that when he needs me, I will be there for him, as every Mistress should be.

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