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I Had You “Pegged” From The Begining

  One thing that almost everyone can agree on is the fact that men love sex.  I mean absolutely LOVE it. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's actually pretty nice, if you ask me.  (and we all know that my opinion is the most important one) I'm not just making a random, if totally…
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Pretty In Panties

  I know some of you wonder if I ever do the things I talk about on the phone with you in my "real" life.  But wonder no more because the answer is, yes, I totally do!  Well, not everything, of course.  Like, real life shrinking fetish fantasies and stuff like that aren't really possible,…
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Yes Ma’am, Can I Have Some More?

  Let's talk about role playing for a moment, shall we? Lots of you like to do it, and so do I.  One of the most popular ones that I run into is the Teacher/student role play.  This is especially exciting with older men.  They always think that because they're the older party and I'm…
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